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Mod Equestrian Ambassadors

Mod Equestrian is on the hunt for trend setters, influencers, and fashion connoisseurs to represent and help grow our brand. We are looking for empowered ladies, breaking molds, and pouring their heart into their sport. Are you what we are looking for? We bet you are! But first, you probably have some questions. 

  • What does it mean to be a Mod Equestrian Ambassador?

A Mod Equestrian Ambassador is a trend setter; an influencer; a fashion arbiter! An Ambassador has genuine enthusiasm for Mod Eq’s growth as a brand and for equestrian style in general! Ambassadors are on the up when it comes to the changing trends in the equestrian world. They are passionate about promoting Mod Eq on their social media accounts and in their communities. Ambassadors strive to help others, lift up their fellow ladies, and cultivate a sense of bonding within the horse community and at each individual farm. An Ambassador has their own sense of style, is bold and brave, and fully embraces being that "weird horse girl."

  • That's me! So, what does an Ambassador do, exactly?

A Mod Eq Ambassador really wants to represent our business and see it grow! Our Ambassadors promote the Mod Eq shop, share news about products, sales, and events on their social media and at horse shows. As an Ambassador we ask that you meet your social media goals by posting on your social media accounts at least once a week. More often is highly encouraged. Product reveals, reviews, and tagging our gear are great ways to share your Mod Equestrian passion. Be creative! Posts should be thoughtful and representative of the Mod Equestrian brand and values while not sacrificing who you are. We want you to be yourself! This is a partnership after all.

  • What do you look for in an Ambassador?

We are a small business with big dreams. You should have big aspirations too! Our Ambassadors are leaders who can introduce others to the Mod Eq brand. Bonus points are given if you have shopped with us or have been aboard the fashion truck! To be an Ambassador you must be very active on social media. Where we do not have a “follower minimum,” we are looking for accounts that post high quality content and engage with their own followers. We’re just the little guy still, and you can be too, as long as you embrace others, love fashion, and love horses - obviously.

  • Sounds fab. Whats in it for me?

As a Mod Equestrian Ambassador you will receive branded product to wear, a first look at new styles, a unique discount code to shop online or on the fashion truck, as well as the occasional extra care package. Soak it in, get great deals, and get featured! We want to promote you too! 

  • I. am. psyched. How do I apply?

A link will become available on this page, so follow us on Instagram for the next announcement! Each Ambassador is chosen for a 4 month period. Spring Ambassadors run April - July and Summer Ambassadors from August - November. Ambassadors are welcome to reapply for each period.   

  • Is there any fine print to be aware of?

Yes, there is some. We’ll tell ya right now, being an Ambassador will be fun, but it’s also serious business. Ambassadors should not be disrespectful or unsportsmanlike toward others. Cyber-bullying is no joke and we won’t be having that here. We have the right to terminate any Ambassador partnership if inappropriate behavior is observed on social media or IRL.

Mod Equestrian reserves the right to use and repost your photography on our social media channels, website, and other promotional materials. Not meeting your social media posting goals could result in a separation of partnership. Understanding how becoming an Ambassador will effect any amateur standing is the responsibility of the applicant. If you still wish to apply given your standing, please feel free to email to discuss the potential further. 

Applicants must be super social on their social media and accounts cannot be private. We will not accept applications from private accounts.

We look forward to learning about you!

(PS: You’re amazing & don’t you forget it!)

Applications are open!